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Our insurance verifiers can assist with identifying what portion of the fee for this program may be covered by insurance. Please ask if you need assistance with this process. You will be receiving an envelope that contains forms to complete and return and you will be receiving a call from the hospital's insurance verification department to complete your registration. (SPANISH CLASSES SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) Diabetes self-management classes prepare the participant to self-manage their disease in partnership with their physician. Includes four group sessions and one individual visit with dietitian (total five sessions). Taught by a registered nurse and registered dietitian who are Certified Diabetes Educators. Daytime and evening classes are offered monthly. One additional support person may attend with the registrant at no charge. YOU WILL NOT BE REGISTERED FOR A CLASS THAT IS MORE THAN 90 DAYS OUT. We teach: * What diabetes is and how it affects you * Nutrition and healthy eating * How to check your blood sugar levels and how to interpret the results * The role of exercise in managing diabetes * Prevention of diabetes complications * Sick day management * Foot care * The medications that are available to treat diabetes * Problem solving skills The fee for this 13 hour / 5 session course is billed to your health insurance plan. Medicare and most commercial insurance plans provide a benefit for diabetes education after a diagnosis of diabetes has been made and with a physician prescription. Questions about insurance coverage should be directed to your carrier’s customer service representative. The Program Coordinator can discuss other payment options for those who do not have insurance. Our call center can get this process started for you by calling (301) 754-8800. Please have your diabetes history, doctor contact information, health insurance information and medications available for this interview. The Program Coordinator will send a letter confirming your attendance that will include the fee associated with the class..

Facility Date Time Fee Registration
Holy Cross Hospital Senior Source Mon (aft) 1:00 PM-4:00 PM $0.00 To register, call: 301-754-8800
Holy Cross Resource Center Mon (pm) 6:30 PM-9:30 PM $0.00 To register, call: 301-754-8800