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K.I.S.S.-Kids in Safety Seats

Car seats are rented for a period of no more than 9 months or until your child is 26 inches long or weighs 20 pounds. You must attend a 30-minute class where you will view a short film and learn to properly use the car seat. The rental fee is $35 ($10 with a Medicaid card or voucher from the clinic. A $15 ($5 w/Medicaid card) refund will be given, usually within six weeks, when the car seat is returned. Locking clips may also be purchased for $2.00 and are non-refundable. Please make arrangements 2-months prior to your delivery.

Facility Date Time Fee Registration
Holy Cross Resource Center Weekly 9:00 AM-10:00 AM $0.00 To register, call: 301-754-7158

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